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Will you ship internationally?

This is a very frequent question. Therefore we are pleased to announce that in addition to the USA, we will be shipping to Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand as of 2008.

If you want a guitar and you are elsewhere feel free to ask.

What does "On hold" mean?

Guitars are put "On hold" for a variety of reasons. They may be on layaway, they might need a part, etc...

Contact us to find out more.

What does "Sale Pending" mean?

Sale pending means that the item is marked for purchase but we have yet to run the card or are waiting for a Cashier's Check/Money Order to arrive/clear. Items marked as "Sale Pending" are not available for demo. There is a slight possibility they will become available again if payment problems arise.

Do you acept Paypal?

Yes, we started accepting Paypal in 2011 on eBay auctions and all other domestic sales. We may integrate Paypal Checkout with the website. Stay tuned. We also accept Visa/MC, as we have for many years.

Are you in Ballard or Shoreline?

We were in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle for 3 years. In 2010 we moved to Shoreline. Thanks to all loyal our customers from the Ballard shop. As some of you have discovered, we are only 100 blocks north... so keep coming up. Our new shop is much nicer.

Why are some guitars pictured on black backgrounds and others on gray backgrounds?

We changed our photo set-up in 2010-2011. This happened over a period of months. You can read more about it on our News page.

What do the terms NM, EX, VG, G mean in the descriptions of your guitars?

These describe the condition of the guitar. They are fairly standard in the industry but then again... everyone has their own take so - here are the Cascae Guitar Lab definitions:

  • New. New with warranty.
  • NM Near Mint - Basically new but w/o warranty.
  • EX Excellent - Well cared for guitar. May show light signs of play.
  • VG Very Good - Well cared for guitar w/some playwear. Probably has one chip or beauty mark.
  • G Good - Guitar is a "player." Plays great. Probably has some very noticeable wear/dings.
We do not rate guitars as Fair or Poor, nor do we want fairly good guitars in our shop. Every guitar we sell meets our exacting standards. That said we do buy/sell some frankenstein's as long as they are good players without any structural issues they still get a G from Cascade Guitar Lab.

Please call or email for an in-hand description of any item.

If a guitar has sold, why is it still posted on your site?

First off we leave a guitar posted until it has been received by the customer and their Trial Period has passed. It seems only fair. Secondly, we leave sold guitars up that we believe help customers get a sense for our selling trends.

Did you change your logo?

In Spring 2011 we started rolling out images in a new format. We used to matte our guitars on a black backgound, we are changing to a grey muslin backdrop. This allows us to image our (growing) stock more quickly. You will always find fragments of the old imaging style scattered around the website.

Old:   New:

Did you change your logo?

Yes, Cascade Guitars LLC is now doing business under a new registered trade name: Cascade Guitar Lab. We made this decision because we specialize in electric guitars. We have sold and serviced many fine acoustics (and will continue to do so) but our we hope our new brand reflects our obession with amplified tones.

Old logo:
Cascade Guitars

New logo:
Cascade Guitar Lab

Are you internet only?

No, in addition to our showroom where we see customers by appointmentm, we also frequent local guitar shows and exhibits. Come see us!!


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