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Free shipping is genreally available on amps listed unless otherwise noted. Inquire for details. We use stock photos for our amps. We will send additional pics of any piece in the shop upon request.

Marshall Class 5 Combo
Marshall Class 5 Combo (1x10)

$499 NEW. sold out

Low wattage Marshall Plexi Tone. 1x10 Celestion speaker. Made in UK.

Marshall Class 5 Head
Marshall Class 5 Head

$349 NEW. in stock

Low wattage Marshall Plexi Tone Jet Pack. Made in UK.

Marshall Class 5 C110 Cab
Marshall Class 5 C110 Cab - $249 NEW. in stock

Designe for the Class 5 head but great for most any low wattage head. 1x10 Celestion speaker. Made in UK.

Marshall Class JCM1 Combo
Marshall Class JCM1 Combo

$799 NEW. in stock

A special LTD run of Marshall 50th Anniversary JCM 1 watts.

Marshall JVM410 Head
Marshall JVM410 Head

$2400 NEW. in stock

100-watt, valve-driven power stage is built on the classic design responsible for the legendary Marshall tone. Made in UK.

Marshall 1960AV Cabinet
Marshall 1960AV Cabinet (Celestion Vintage 30, Angled)

$1200 NEW. in stock

4 x 12 Angled marshall Cab with Celestion speakers. Top of the line. Made in UK.

Orange Tiny Terror Combo
Orange Tiny Terror Combo

$799 USED. EX. in stock

15 Watts, 1x12 Celestion speaker, all valve, switchable down to 7w, Orange's unique two stage pre-amp. Made in China.

Randall RG-100 G3
Randall RG-100 G3

$299 NEW. in stock

100 Watt combo with new "Valve-Dynamic" power. 2x12 Celestion speakers, Spring reverb, 2 channels w/3 modes. Made in China.

*No shipping on avail this amp. Local sales only.

Atomic Reactor 112-50
Atomic Reactor 112-50

$499 USED. in stock

The Atomic Reactor 112 is a unique tube amplifier specifically designed by legendary amp guru, Harry Kolbe, to bring to life the tones created by digital amp modeling tools. This amp is discontinued and now hard quite to find. Made in USA.

*No shipping on avail this amp. Local sales only.

Fender Blues Deluxe
Fender Blues Deluxe

Call for Price. USED. in stock

40 watts. Vintage-styled tube amp with 'boutique' tone. Made in the 90s before these were (tragically) outsourced to Mexico. Made in USA.

*No shipping on avail this amp. Local sales only.


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